For one week, over two hundred of us students, teachers and past pupils from a school in Dublin headed out to the small town of Beuis, Romania. We each had to raise €1500 to fund costs of materials for the houses and our actual flights, food and accommodation. We flew out on Sunday, from Dublin and arrived after a flight and long bus journey in the town at 4am local time.

We would be staying for a week and working six days whilst we were there. Most of us stayed in a boarding school dormitory and some stayed with local families. We woke early each morning at 6.30am – tough for anyone used to summer lie ins!

On site, we were split into ten groups, one per house and got to work. We were led by one person with experience of building, so we had a guide to make sure we did the best we could. We also had the help of a team of ten or so American volunteers, who kept up our moral and were very helpful throughout. We started with nothing but a foundation, and built the frames, walls, put in insulation, installed tiles, windows and rooms all ourselves.

The sweltering heat couldn't stop us as we worked. As we did, we got to talk to the families working alongside us and they were all very friendly and welcoming. At 5.30pm each day, we left site and went for dinner and free time in the town (and a well deserved shower!).

When Saturday came, a dedication ceremony was held, with the families priests or ministers coming to bless each home. The houses were passed over to each family and there were a few tears from some. I personally was sad to leave, it had been a great week and well worth it. If I could've stayed on to build another house the week after, I would've!

We said our goodbyes to both the American team and our family, before going back to our dorms for the last time. On Sunday, we awoke at 4am to take the bus into Budapest, for a day at the baths and to get some gifts for home. Our flight arrived home at 7pm Irish time and although exhausted, it had been a brilliant week of new friends, skills and kindness.

Thanks to all who supported by buying a Same Sex ring over the past year, you're what helped make it happen!

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